We Are Proud of Our Bible Drillers

A Huge Congratulations to our Bible Drillers

Congratulations to all of our Bible Drillers.  They all passed the Church Bible Drill.  Some of our Children and Youth participated in the Associational Bible Drills which were held at Bear Creek on Saturday, March 24th.

Our Wee Drillers are Destiny Reeves & Jaxton Burleson.  Leader is Martha Burleson.

Children's Bible Drillers are Maddox Burleson, Cylas Carver, Rylee Carver, Brody Miller, Bryce Miller, Abigail Phillips & Ivy Young.  Leaders are Sherri Buchanan & Marsha Letterman.

Youth Bible Drillers are Elizabeth Bonaminio & Zayda Carver.  Leaders are Sheila Speight, Heather Bonaminio & Britney Carver.

Below are pictures from the Associational Bible Drills.