JUly birthdays

1-Doris Greene, Evie Parker
2-Jonathan Pendle
8-Tammy Hedrick, Joy Keller
9-Beth Willis
12-Kristy Carver, Zayda Carver, Buster Yelton, Trevin Woody
13-Veronica Pitman
14-Jessica Sparks
17-Susan Michael, Katie Bonaminio
18-Doug Carver
19-Eddie Miller
20-Janet Miller
21-Scotty Sparks, Argialee Hobson
23-Jonah Cook, Walt Miller
24-Wendy Boone
25-Tim Renfro, Lori Carver, Cylas Carver
26-Kyle Duncan
27-Leah Blackburn
28-Kynlee Buchanan
29-Josh Wise, Holden Biddix
30-Matthew Woody, Justin Biddix
31-Jennifer Miller (Mrs. Jamie)

**If we do not have your birthday and you would like to have it listed in the Newsletter, please contact the church office @ 688-4331.